GF Piping Systems
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Pre-Fabrication
    • Off-Site Fabrication
      Off-Site Fabrication
      Georg Fischer Piping Systems has a series of in-house fabrication shops that can turn digital drawings to reality.
    • BIM & CAD Library
      BIM & CAD
      BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process defining specific use of digital tools and technologies at all phases of a construction project, from concept design to operation.
    • Engineering Services
      Engineering Service
      GF in-house engineers, with > 60 years of practical expereince with plastic pipe systems, can help you with all the relevant engineering calculations required
    • Quality Control and Certification
      QA QC - Certification - NDT
      QA QC - Certification - NDT
    • Outdoors Installations - UV Resistance
      Outdoors Installations
      Outdoors Installations - Solar Gain Exp-Contraction
  • Engineering
    • Advanced Engineering Calculations
    • Engineering Documentation
      Technical Documentation
      It is important to chose the correct plastic pipe system for the application and its environment. GF offers professional advice and techical support to ensure technically and financially the best material and system is specified and installed.
    • Fire Classifications and Regulations
      Fire Classifications and Regulations
      Cooling plants within data centers must always comply with the relevant local building regulations. Within which there are requirements relating to fire protection and fire classification.
    • FM Approved PE-100 Plastic Pipe System
    • Oxygen Diffusion
      Oxygen Diffusion
      Oxygen can intrude into a piping system via mechanical joints and also through the walls of pipes with a low density. This is an engineering topic specific to all piping hydraulic systems, namely evacuation of accumulated air.
    • Expansion-Contraction
      All piping systems have a linear thermal expansion coefficient. The linear movement of plastic pipes can be calculated simply and accurately.
    • Heat Tracing - Time to Freeze
      Heat Tracing - Time to Freeze
      Protection against freezing of the fluid in a pipe can be obtained by using heat tracing cables.
    • NDT (Non-Destructive-Testing)
      GF offers NDT equipment and service for ecoFIT PE-100 and ProGef (PP-H) butt and electro-fusion joints.
    • Pipe Condition Assessment
    • Seismic Performance
      PE-100 Pipes Seismic Performance
      How do PE-100 plastic pipes perform during an earthquake ?
    • Tool-Box for COOLING Calculations
      Tool-Box for COOLING Calculations
      GF offers a specialist calculation tool to support engineering calculations for use of plastic pipes for chilled water, condensate water and general cooling water applications.
    • Documents Download
      Documents Download
      Documents download for Engineering.
  • Applications & Solutions
    • Applications Overview
      Applications Overview
      GF offers a range of systems specifically designed to offer real added-value to every application within a Data Centers mission critical cooling plant.
    • Electrofusion: No Hot Works
      Electrofusion Welding : No Hot Works
      GF Electrofusion machines have a long tried and tested history : they are simple and easy to operate with an extensive memory capability to record all on-site welds.
    • Manual Valves
      Manual Valves
      GF offers a wide range of plastic manual valves in use since 40 years in a wide range of applications.
    • Automation M&C
      Automation M&C
      GF's valves range can be either electrically or pneumatically actuated to ensure remote, reliable control of your cooling pipe systems.
    • COOL-FIT
      Factory pre-insulation offers efficiency benefits, combined with a hard, UV resistant weight bearing black PE outer jacket which allows hanging of the pipe on outer jacket.
    • ecoFIT PE-100
      ecoFIT PE-100
      ecoFIT PE-100 is a weldable system which can then be post-insulated and jacketed using all standard insulations and jackets on the market.
    • Engineered Plastic Pipes (PVC, PP-H, PVDF)
      PVC-U / PP-H / PVDF
      GF offers ISO/DIN metric systems in both PVC-U and PVC-C as well as Scheduled 40 and 80 systems in PVC and C-PVC.
    • Double Containment Systems
      Double Containment Systems
      Double Containment or Secondary Containment (pipe in pipe) provides safety to the environment and People. Protecting sensitive areas such as white spaces in data centers.
    • iFIT, Sanipex MT
      iFIT, Sanipex MT
      iFIT, Sanipex MT
    • Documents Download
      Documents Download
      Documents download for Systems and solutions.

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